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Option 1 = Full Logo as shown  $8.00                                                                                


Option 2 = Logo as shown but no states  $8.00     NOTE: background will be the color of the article                                                                                                                               

To add your name is $5.00  * prices are subject to change


1 = Full Logo as shown $8.00

2 = Logo as shown but no States $8.00

3 = Your name $5.00

*Prices subject to change

1 = Full Logo as shown $8.00

2 = Logo as shown but no States $8.00

3 = Your name $5.00

*Prices subject to change

Scroll down the page to access direct links to apparel pages.

The website shows the retail price. The additional charges will be tax, shipping if needed, and your embroidery choices.

Individual inquiries and orders must be done via email to Kari Brantley at: They prefer this method of contact since their workspace is filled with many noisy machines that makes hearing well on the phone prohibitive and slows their productivity.

Please remember there are NO RETURNS on items unless they are damaged. Once it is embroidered, it is ours.

Email Inquiry to

Please include the following information:

This is a SWBS inquiry
 Item Number, size and color
State which logo would you prefer and thread color choice for lettering.
Type your name as you desire it to be embroidered if you are adding that option.
Ask for confirmation that the item’s fabric will hold the embroidered logo? (Some are too thin)

These are the top recommended manufacturers:

Port Authority, OGIO, and Sport Tek

Logo Options:

1 = Full Logo as shown $8.00

               2 = Logo as shown but no States $8.00

   3 = Add your name $5.00

*Prices subject to change

Check Inventory and Pricing


Men’s Woven Shirts with Pockets

Men’s Knits & Polos:

Men’s Sweatshirts & Fleece:

Men’s Outerwear:

All Tall Men’s Offerings:


Women’s Woven Shirts:

Women’s Polos & Knits:

Women’s Sweatshirts & Fleece:



Backpacks by Port Authority & OGIO:

Duffel Bags by Port Authority & OGIO:



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