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SWBS 1st Annual Poker Run

  • October 08, 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Start - T82 Frederickburg TX -> End KSKF San Antonio



This will be a one day, multi stop flying event. Five airports involved - with the first one being T82, Frederickburg, TX. Get your first of five cards at the mandatory ROE/Safety meeting at T82 at 9:15 am! The  last stop will be in San Antonio, Kelly Field, KSKF. Kelly Field is now a joint use field. Optional overnight in San Antonio is on your own - make your own hotel arrangements. There will be an optional dinner afterwards, downtown SA, location and time TBD.. Have a non - Bonanza friend? invite them! open to guests with non-Beechcraft airplanes! 

First Poker Run? Here's the basics: It is a flying-centric event - Collect your five poker hand cards at each stop. With a landing contest at one stop??  A Time over Target (TOT) competition along the way??  Possibly a couple of Scavenger hunt items along the way. Winners of the poker hand and the landing contest and TOT completion will be announced at the closing ceremony at approximately 4:00 pm at the last stop, KSKF. Eligible poker hands must have stopped at all 5 airports that day.

We will need volunteers to pull this event off. Consider being a volunteer : hand out cards, landing competition judge, TOT spotter, etc. Contact Ron Nelson , 405-250-9668 to volunteer or help planning. Thanks

Your next steps? 1. Help plan/ consider volunteering. 2. Plan an optional night before (Oct 7th) in Fredericksburg. local reservations are going fast. 3. Plan an optional night after (Oct 8th) in San Antonio. 4. Plan on breakfast on your own at 8 am at the diner Saturday morning (thus the 0915 meeting time). 5. Click register on this page if you think you are interested in attending. Registration is for planning interest levels at this time. 6. Invite your flying friends. Cessnas, RV's, Pipers, etc. are allowed in the poker run. 

A few more details:

Plan on a $20 cash only (no such thing as Venmo in poker, you Gen x-ers!) "landing fee", payable at the entrance of the 0915L (1415Z) Safety/ROE meeting. Bring a little more cash for an optional (poker) hand upgrade at one of the later stops. 

Winning poker hand present at KSKF closing ceremony will receive 2/3rds (67%) of (all) participants' landing fees collected. Winner of the landing competition receives 2 X their landing fee plus an additional card for their poker hand. Honorable mention landing gets their landing fee refunded.  Winner of the TOT receives 2 X their landing fee  plus an additional card, and "honorable mention" TOT gets their landing fee refunded. Any amount of landing fees left over, after the above mentioned "refunds", will be used for SWBS admin uses.

This is not a race. No extra credit for landing first at any stop. No shame in landing last. Pace yourself. Safety will be encouraged at all times.  The time and place of the closing ceremony at KSKF will be announced at the 0915 Safety/ROE meeting, and attendance is mandatory at the time and place of the closing ceremony if you would like to be an eligible winner. Again, no extra credit for arriving early, however, you must be present at the closing ceremony to collect your "refund".

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